Become a partner of our site

Become a partner of our site

Our partners are public and private organisations who, like us, are committed to developing e-Invoicing. Sounds familiar? Join us! 

In concrete terms, our partners reference our site on their e-Invoicing page, which allows their visitors to find out more. On the other hand, these organisations are listed on our website, on the partners page. This partnership gives you access to additional information that is more relevant to your particular context.

There are 4 categories of partners: public authorities, federations, IT solution providers and other.

Public authorities

Many institutions are already taking steps to develop e-Invoicing. Any administration supporting e-Invoicing and publishing information on the subject is a valued partner. 


Many federations, sectoral or otherwise, help their members make the shift to e-Invoicing. They are also valued partners.  They can supplement the general information available on this site with elements specific to their members' context, and thus build on the information made available.

IT solution providers

Without software, there is no e-Invoicing. Solutions adapted to large-scale e-Invoicing are gradually being developed. To support this development, the federal and Flemish administrations have published a joint call to the IT sector to improve the information available about the e-Invoicing solutions market. Any company providing a solution that meets the criteria defined in this publication is invited to request a listing.

In addition to the federations, we also have interest groups that pull the cart of e-invoicing. These players also have a place on this website as partners because they promote, among other things, the use and sending of electronic documents via the Peppol network. 

Complete list

The list of our partners is accessible, in the form of a banner, from the pages of our website dedicated to the different groups targeted by e-Invoicing, as well as on the secondary page "Partners".

Become a partner

Do you fall into one of these categories and would you also like to become a partner? Nothing could be easier: contact us by e-mail, we will send you the procedure to follow depending on your specific situation.

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