Thanks to the Hermes platform, suppliers can now send structured electronic invoices to all their Belgian customers, even to customers who are not yet able to process them automatically.

My customer does not receive an e-invoice yet, but a PDF file

At present, suppliers are still often confronted with customers who are not equipped with the appropriate software for processing incoming structured electronic invoices (also called xml invoices). As a result, they are forced to send electronic invoices (which can be processed automatically) to some customers, and to others a PDF invoice.

Hermes is one way of sending invoices to all your customers, large and small

Thanks to Hermes, one sending method is sufficient for all your customers, from small businesses to the federal government. The invoices always arrive at your customers in the right form, whether it’s an email with a PDF attachment or an e-invoice via Peppol. In other words, Hermes allows companies, in combination with the Peppol norms and standards, to send all their invoices in a single format, without having to consider whether the recipient can process them.

Hermes also has a web portal where the senders of invoices and their recipients can track the transit of their invoices.


The Peppol model as a cornerstone

In order to be able to use Hermes, the sender must be able to send electronic structured and standardised invoices in accordance with the European standard, and the Peppol model. In concrete terms, Hermes converts each structured electronic invoice according to the European standard into pdf and sends it to the recipient’s email address. 

In addition, the increase in structured e-invoicing will eventually increase the supply of affordable solutions to process them. A higher volume of electronic invoices is an incentive for the IT sector to come up with its own solutions to process them," concludes Serge Libert, project manager eInvoicing at the FPS BOSA.

IT vendors who can help you integrate Hermes

The following IT vendors can support you in integrating Hermes into your invoicing package:

Do not wait any longer and contact these integrators or send us an email to also use Hermes to send invoices more easily and efficiently.

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