Three meetings this fall to talk about e-invoicing

vlaamse overheid e-facturatie

Mark your calendars! The central e-invoicing team of the Flemish Government is organising 3 discussion sessions on e-invoicing this autumn for companies and administrations.

In accordance with European Directive 2014/55/EU, the government must now be able to receive and process electronic invoices. The Flemish government has gone a step further by obliging its suppliers to send only e-bills.
In this context, e-invoicing has made good progress, but more needs to be done before it becomes widespread.

E-invoicing Talkshows
In order to encourage companies and local authorities to take the plunge into e-invoicing, the central e-invoicing team of the Flemish Government is organising three e-invoicing events this autumn.
The events will take the form of talkshows, with guests who will share their experiences with e-invoicing and answer questions from the public. 

For companies: 2 and 28 October 2020
Organised in close cooperation with the VOKA Flemish-Brabant and VOKA Limburg network of companies, these events will take place in front of an audience. It will also be possible to follow these sessions online.
The organisers hope to attract around 150 companies to participate in this event. The aim? To stimulate the full adoption of e-invoicing in companies.

For public authorities: in November 2020
The format will be the same, but for the public sector. The organisers are aiming for an audience of 250 participants. The aim of this event is to encourage public organisations to motivate their suppliers to send them e-invoices.

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