Trinergy Portaal

Trinergy Portaal

The Trinergy portal is a SAAS solution including the following functions :

  • Fully automatic handling of incoming vendor invoices through email integration or deposit on the vendor ‘hub’
  • Full reading of invoice content regardless of invoice format
  • Machine learning improves data interpretation over time for more accuracy
  • Included web based approval cycle with automated workflow and various business rules
  • Outgoing API to numerous accounting systems enabling full integration

Specialized in the multi site management such as retail, real estate property management, banks,…


 Outbound eInvoices  Date
   Peppol BIS End 2020
   Other formats   
     UBL.BE Invoice 3.0  
Inbound eInvoices  
   Peppol BIS Yes
   Other formats   
     UBL / EFFF / Smart Parsing  
Other streams  
Outgoing API with numerous accounting systems  
Partner's website : Trinergy Portaal

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