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Providers products and services

  1. Babelway

    Babelway is the preferred Peppol Access Point of large companies needing to send or receive peppol invoices.

     Outbound eInvoices  Date
       PEPPOL BIS 2  Yes
       PEPPOL BIS 3 Yes
       Other formats   
         UBL.BE 3.0  
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  2. Exact

    Exact Online

    Exact Online gives you everything you need in a single integrated online package. In addition to accounting and CRM, we provide specific solutions for your industry.

    Exact Globe

    Exact Globe is the basis for our Finance and ERP

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  3. Ixor

    IxorDocs is a user-friendly application that allows you to send existing PDF invoices to the government and to other companies that are already connected to the PEPPOL network. In a single click, your existing PDF invoice is converted to the

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  4. Speos

    speos e-business services

    speos is market leader in Belgium in the creation, management and sending of digital documents. speos is connected, via its partner Pagero, to various electronic data interchange platforms.                                  

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  5. UnifiedPost

    UnifiedPost offers a whole range of eInvoicing solutions in B2G, B2B, and B2C market segments.  

    B2G: most European goverment eInvoicing services are covered: Peppol, Simplerinvoicing, ChorusPro, Italy, Spain,…

    B2B: Most common standards are

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  1. BOSA DT

    BOSA DT actively participates in the public authorities' efforts to promote electronic invoicing in Belgium.                                                                                                                                              

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  2. La défence

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interest group / sector organization

  1. Agoria

    Agoria means progress through technology. Agoria is paving the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium pursuing progress internationally through the development or application of innovations and which, together, represent some 300,000

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  2. FEB

    FEB speaks on behalf of 50,000 small and large companies from all three Belgian regions. As an interprofessional employers' organisation, FEB supports and promotes cross-sector e-invoicing.                                                            

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