Business expert group : Overview


What is the Business Expert Group?

The Business Expert Group brings together all the players involved in e-invoicing in order to find concrete solutions to the implementation problems encountered by businesses in the context of electronic invoicing.

It was launched in 2016 on the initiative of the FEB, in consultation with the IT sector and the public authorities. What is the basis of this initiative? The conclusion that a sufficiently broad and solid consensus would be indispensable for the widespread introduction of e-invoicing in Belgium.

Concretely, this platform makes it possible to discuss concrete cases, share knowledge and bring points of view closer together. These discussions often lead to concrete, practical and motivated recommendations that have considerably simplified the use of standards.

Permanent members

AGORIA, Coca-Cola, Codabox, Colruyt, Delhaize, GS1-Belux, the Ministry of the Flemish Community, Proximus, the FPS Finance and the FPS BOSA.

Many other organisations are involved on an ad hoc basis.

Would you like to contribute to this group?

Do not hesitate to contact the FEB

Information and resources

Below you will find all useful links to information and tools related to the activities of the Business Expert Group:

Legal documentation


NL version FR version ENG version

Wetboek van economisch recht 

 Code de droit économique  
Wetboek van vennootschappen en verenigingen Code des sociétés et des associations  
Directive 2014 55 EU  Directive 2014 55 EU  Directive 2014 55 EU English version
KB 1 art 5 Dutch version AR 1 art 5 French version  
    The European Standard EN 16931

PeppolBisV3 examples

  PDF document XML document
Testcase 01 : Minimal invoice 

Minimal invoice

Testcase 02 :

Charging consumer empties

Charging consumer empties

Testcase 03 :

Returning consumer empties

Returning consumer empties

Testcase 04 : 

Creditnote consumer empties

Creditnote consumer empties

Testcase 05 :

Cash discount

Cash discount

Testcase 06 :

Discount with cash payment

Discount with cash payment

Testcase 10 :

Invoice in USD and EUR vat

Invoice in USD and EUR vat

Testcase 11 : 

Invoice in USD and EUR vat and 2021

Invoice in USD and EUR vat and 2021

Testcase 09 : 

Standard exchange complex model

Standard exchange complex mode

PeppolBisV3 scenario's

scenario 1 : Minimal invoice 
scenario 2 : Consumer empties 
scenario 3 : Cash discount 
scenario 6 : Standard exchange 
scenario 7 : Invoice not EUR - VAT in EUR

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