Convert structured invoices to PDF with Hermes


Hermes is a free tool, available to all Belgian companies, that enables the conversion of structured XML invoices into PDF format.

Generated and processed in a fully-automated manner, electronic invoices are coded in a language specific to machines. To make them readable by ordinary people, it is necessary to convert them into a format such as PDF. 

Did you say Hermes?

 In Greek mythology, Hermes plays the role of messenger. If this tool carries his name, it's because it too is destined to fulfill this role. Not between Zeus and Athena, but between companies who already send structured electronic invoices and those who are not yet equipped but gladly receive invoices by email, so that they can be handled in an automated manner.

In concrete terms, Hermes converts all structured electronic invoices according to the European standard into PDF format and sends them to the email address of their recipient. The Hermes web portal also enables the recipients and senders to track their invoices.

Who is it for?

Hermes is available to all Belgian companies wishing to simplify their outbound invoicing.

Three conditions must be met to be able to use it:

  1. The sender and the recipient of the invoice are companies registered in Belgium.

  2. The sender subscribes to the Peppol model, guaranteeing the interoperability of invoice processing solutions and aligned with standards, norms and European recommendations.

  3. The sender has accepted the terms of use of Hermes.

 Would you like to register as a sender? Contact us.

By who? 

Developed in consultation with the business world, its operation is entirely handled by the Federal Administration as part of its mission to promote electronic invoicing. 


By providing the relay to customers who do not yet receive electronic invoices structured according to the European standard, Hermes encourages suppliers to send invoices in this format. As a result, the public authorities will receive many more such invoices. This will enable them to recoup the investments imposed by the European Directive 2014/55 much faster. This will also encourage the IT industry to develop more solutions to receive and process these electronic invoices. This will allow companies to equip themselves better and cheaper. Everybody wins!

For when?

The Hermes converter is not yet operational. It is scheduled to start up in the fall of 2020. Additional time should be allowed for companies to organise themselves to make the most of this in their outbound invoicing, before Hermes actually transports its first invoices.

A temporary solution

In the future, with the standardisation of e-invoicing, there will no longer be a need to convert e-invoices into invoices readable by ordinary people. Hermes will no longer need to exist. This should be seen as an incentive to initiate structured exchanges, while the IT sector develops the appropriate reception and processing tools, and to market them in attractive terms.

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