How do you send your e-invoice to the administration?


Does your company work for the public authorities? Sooner or later, you will need to send your invoices to these customers in a structured electronic format. Spearheaded by the EU, e-invoicing is set to become the general standard. The Flemish government has already imposed e-invoicing since 2017 for all invoices to its entities. The Brussels-Capital Region has recently followed suit.

This obligation is also an opportunity. Indeed, the public authorities are also taking measures to facilitate the transition of businesses to electronic invoicing. This programme includes the provision of tools and resources to help you in practical terms.

And the result? More than 10.000 suppliers* have already made the transition!

* IMPORTANT: This is a CSV file. It is recommended to import this file as Text into your spreadsheet of your choice. Afterwards, make sure to indicate the first column as Text, otherwise the first column, the CBE numbers, will be stored incorrectly.

Does your company have invoicing software that is compatible with sending e-invoices?

Sending electronic invoices necessarily implies the use of a computer tool: invoicing software, commercial management software, or even ERP on your own computer or in a shared service (cloud). Furthermore, this software must be able to issue an electronic invoice that complies with the PEPPOL framework (and therefore with the European Standard). Various software packages on the market are already in compliance. Consult here the list of IT providers that comply with these requirements.

If yes: you can already send e-invoices to public services ...

Since 17 April 2019, all contracting authorities in Europe must be able to receive a structured electronic invoice that complies with the European Standard.

Note: the Mercurius portal helps you keep control over your invoicing flows. Indeed, it allows you to make sure that invoices are received (for all your institutional clients) and to follow up processing by the clients.

... and to your other corporate clients!

Do you also send invoices to private companies, but don't know whether they are set up to automatically process electronic invoices? Don't waste your time looking in vain, use Hermes! Provided by the public authorities in close cooperation with the private sector, this platform ensures a link between those who can already send e-invoices and those who are not yet able to receive them. Find out more.

If not: while you are waiting to be set up, send your invoices via the Mercurius portal.

In addition to following up the sending and processing of e-invoices, the Mercurius portal also makes it possible to manually issue invoices or credit notes to public authorities, for those who are not yet set up with the relevant software.

As more and more companies are set up for e-invoicing, this portal function will be less and less necessary. Currently, 50% of the suppliers of the administration have already found the solution that suits them (compared to only 25% 3 years ago), and the remaining 50% only issue 16% of invoices! We therefore strongly encourage you to purchase an e-invoicing tool, or upgrade the tool you are currently using. Do you not know where to start? Check with your current IT supplier or consult the list of solutions available on the market, available on our site.

Does your company take care of the essential functioning of its IT equipment in-house? It is possible to purchase specific products and/or services which can be integrated in compliance with the above requirements. The administration of the Flemish Government publishes a list of solutions aimed at this target group (called "Met ERP") on its website dedicated to e-invoicing.


Useful links

  • Mercurius portal: are you not yet set up for e-invoicing? This portal allows you to be in compliance with the obligation, while you find the IT solution that suits you.

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