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Do you want to spread the word about electronic invoicing? Do you have an experience of e-invoicing to share? An event to announce? This space is also yours! 

In addition to providing you with essential information and resources about e-invoicing, this website is above all a hub of information, experiences and testimonials. We therefore encourage you to contribute directly to its content.

What information can I share?

To be published on this site, your content must meet two conditions:

  1. Be likely to stimulate the development of the e-invoicing market;

  2. Respect the principle of neutrality to which the public authorities are bound.

Some examples:

  • You have relevant information to share to encourage the development of e-invoicing in Belgium.

  • You want to share your experience.

  • You are organising an event that may be of interest to potential users and/or providers of e-invoicing solutions.

  • You have identified a current event related to e-invoicing that it would be useful to pass on.

  • You have suggestions to improve one of our articles or ideas for topics to be covered.

  • ...

What do you need to do?

Use our contact form or simply send an email to the address We will take a look at your proposal and ensure that it is published in the most appropriate way on the website. The ball is now in your court!

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